Amy Jolliffe is a young singer-songwriter who, at just 21 years old, has already performed at the Isle of Wight Festival four times. Having grown up listening to her dad’s music collection, she loves 1960s folk music, the influences of which she combines with the modern pop sounds of artists such as Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers. Her music sonically captures summer days spent on the Isle of Wight where she lives, taking inspiration from the rural beauty of her surroundings and the real-life experiences of herself and her loved ones. She is a charismatic performer and talented writer who was Isle of Wight Radio's ‘Emerging Artist of the Month’ in July 2023. She was also a finalist in last year’s ‘Wight Noize’ competition, where the winner opened the mainstage of Isle of Wight Festival. Her second single, ‘Bud Tree’ is out now.